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Our History

  Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union was established July 1st, 1949 to serve the needs of Postal Workers and their families. Like all credit unions, we are a nonprofit, member-owned financial institution. Unlike a bank, we do not operate for profit. Any profit earned by the credit union is returned to the members in the form of dividends, low interest rates, free services, and expanded offerings.

 That is why we refer to our savings accounts as "shares." You really do own a share in your credit union.

Benefits of Membership

The credit union philosophy is "members helping members." When you join Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union, your money goes farther. Membership in this nonprofit institution gives you access to low-cost loans and affordable, comprehensive financial services, as well as special member benefits. See our Accounts, Loans, and Special Services pages for a complete range of accounts, loans, and benefits.

Who Is Eligible for Membership?

You may join the credit union:

  • If you are employed by, or retired from, the United States Postal Service. 
  • If you are an immediate relative of someone who is a member.

Our philosophy is:  "Once a Member, Always a Member."  You may remain a member of the credit union for the rest of your life, as long as you maintain the minimum share (savings) balance.

How to Apply For Membership

To open your account, you must fill out an application form and make a minimum deposit of $50.00 to shares (savings.) Please call or visit the credit union for full details about membership, checking accounts, and other services. 

Board of Directors  

Jerry M. Moore, Chairman

Jimmie M. Corley, Vice-Chairman

Joanne H. Gray, Secretary/Treasurer

John H. Westover, Board Member

Layne A. Barrett, Board Member        

Brian M. Moore, Board Member 

Susan Northcutt, Board Member  

Supervisory Committee:

Warren (Neil) Patrick, Chairman

Thomas M. Newberg, Member

Sandra I. Henderson, Member

Loan Committee:

John H. Westover, Chairman

Thomas M. Newberg, Member

Joyce R. Harrison, Member

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