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Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union is a full service financial institution – with checking accounts, VISA Debit Cards, and more. If you save with us, it makes good sense to move your checking to MPECU or establish your new account…and it’s free!

  • Free Checking
  • It's Me 247 Home Banking
  • CU*TALK audio response
  • Direct Deposit
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Checking, Savings, and Loans in one place

Free Checking

Our share draft (checking) accounts have no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements. There are no limits on how many checks you can write.

For your convenience, MPECU also accepts Direct Deposits.

It’s Easy – Move Your Checking Account to MPECU

Visa Check Cards

Take charge of your spending with a debit card. Your VISA debit card works like a check at any merchant who accepts VISA, and functions as an ATM on Star, Cirrus, or Pulse ATM networks.  Combine the convenience of a credit card with the immediacy of a checking account.

Direct Deposit

Many employers and other financial institutions offer direct deposit, so your paychecks and other sources of income are automatically transferred to your account. No more waiting for checks in the mail, or trips to the credit union to make a deposit.

In addition to keeping your account funded on a regular basis, you can choose to automate your own payments to loans or savings accounts. Never miss a loan payment again, and enjoy the confidence of knowing you are reaching your savings goals – automatically.

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection offers additional freedom and security for checking accounts.  Qualified members are assured that checks will not be returned if balances fall short due to unexpected circumstances.  Contact the credit union to see if this protection can be added to your share draft account today. 

With overdraft protection, you get security and protection when you need it most.


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